It is not the programming language that makes a developer.

Photo by Andrew Neel on Unsplash

It is not the programming language that makes a developer.

I wanted to share with you my thoughts on programming and the programming language in particular, as well as the most common beginner mistakes. Two years ago I discovered the world of algorithms and therefore by derivation that of programming; I remember that my very first program in VBA which consisted in displaying a message of type MsgBox "Hello world" had illuminated my day. Over time I discovered several programming languages like python, javascript, java, c, c++, PHP, Ruby, Kotlin and I did almost the same thing learning the basics and when it got hard, giving up and learning another and another... This method for a beginner has the advantage of making you discover the majority of the most used languages but in the end you will realize that you don't know how to do anything.

From this first experience I learned a lesson which is that of completing what one has or deepening one's knowledge in a language no matter how difficult it is.

After this first lesson I started another step in my learning process which is to really deepen my knowledge of a programming language after having discovered the opportunities of the Python language. For me at that time it was python or nothing, considering the exploits I could make in the automation of tasks on my computer or the analysis of data and their processing and as I have been passionate about artificial intelligence for many years, I said to myself python or nothing. I will do everything with python. This method has the advantage of making you good at a language and allowing you to develop concrete solutions but it does not allow you to call yourself a real developer but a language specialist.

From this second experience I learnt then that deepening a language is essential but as technology is constantly evolving, you quickly realise that you can't do everything with one programming language which brings me to the third and final experience.


In the second year of my bachelor's degree in software engineering, I was confronted with problem solving via different technologies; for information, solving problems and helping others is a passion for me. So, this constant search for solutions led me to discover the Internet of Things and the world of micro-controllers like Arduino. I also discovered without further ado the backend web development with php which did not seem obvious to me a few years ago... This experience made me discover an essential thing that I wanted to share. It is not the programming language that makes a developer but his ability to solve problems, to implement a solution that not only works but solves the problem, to be efficient and above all professional.

Anyone can program after a few hours of YouTube videos but cannot become a developer, because being a developer is something that is acquired over time. The programming language is a way to give you solutions, whatever it is, you have to know it in depth, be up to date.

From this third experience I have learnt to be versatile, not specialised in everything, but to have enough general knowledge of programming to give solutions that work effectively.

Programming is like a super power that you have to learn to use, but too quickly you risk not knowing much; superficially you don't really exploit it. If you are a beginner be flexible to new opportunities until you discover a language that makes you feel comfortable, then learn it, understand the contours and be good at it; then open yourself to other technologies, don't hesitate to learn again and again. Be good at one thing first, the logic of programming.

Fabrice sangwa.